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WebWrap™ Technology - Engineered to Protect the Game, Players and Fans

maple bats with WebWrap

It is desired in most baseball leagues that the equipment players use over time will not change significantly in order to keep accurate statistics on players to be compared over many decades. This is essential to the legacy of the sport which makes the game more meaningful to fans. So when we decided to tackle the problem of adding material to the bat to make it safer, a key requirement was that this material could not alter the behavior of the bat. For example, if a bat and ball impact would cause a non-reinforced bat to break, then that same interaction is desired for the reinforced bat in order to maintain continuity of the equipment used by the players in accordance with previous equipment.

WebWrap was designed to provide safety and not to significantly alter hitting performance or bat strength. WebWrap provides only the necessary reinforcement to prevent broken bat shards from becoming airborne.  

WebWrap is a special winding of high strength fibers often used in bullet proof vest applications. The winding is extremely light-weight and nearly invisible. The picture to the right shows six maple bats, three with WebWrap and three without. Below is a figure describing the basic elements of WebWrap technology. Fiber bundles or tows are wound onto the bat in a precise manner. The weave pattern is a critical parameter that is closely controlled for repeatability. FiberLok™ rings are used to capture the bat and prevent large pieces of the bat from tearing away from the reinforcement. The fibers are locked in place with a tough resin system that allows the fibers to absorb maximum energy during a bat fracture. The mass of the fiber reinforcement is less than 0.1% the mass of the wood bat. The length of the reinforcement is approximately 62% the length of the overall bat (L).

WebWrap Definition


Maple Bat without WebWrap
Maple Bat with WebWrap

Two tests conducted to show the performance of the WebWrap.  To the left, a maple bat without WebWrap™ and to the right, a maple bat with WebWrap. You can really see the difference.

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